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BAKANTV PIXIE DUST FAIRY™ Bio-Active Nourishing Serum facial peptide looking for authorized online retailers to promote our skincare serum. PIXIE DUST FAIRY™ Bio-Active Nourishing Serum SKIN CARE created from technology developed while testing 4 formulated peptides and is based upon substantial scientific evidence of safety and efficacy. Our consumer products have evolved from a biotech lab. quality scientific line of products, which cater to universities, … Continue reading Commercial Demo


BAKANTV INTERNATIONAL Channel Development Center is a 21. century searching for a true vision media translated international language program to describe live scientific level opinions to understood the concept before exploring it to worldwide data media. We are a streaming coding language company with videos and pictures, audios for digital media news, advertisers, tv channels and programs to make the world more peaceful environment. Our team is … Continue reading BAKANTV INTERNATIONAL CHANNEL DEVELOPMENT CENTER




Corporate video production has radically evolved over the past 10 years, and BAKANTV Production has been at the forefront of this evolution. We are constantly adding to and improving our workflow with the latest technologies to enhance our storytelling process. We have always been able to tell a story. Now add in drones, portable dollies, 4k cameras, ultra-portable lighting, image stabilizers, supercomputers, and our signature style and what do you get? An authentic corporate video that is beautiful, dynamic, informative, and entertaining.

We are the pop culture. We are sophisticated; we are obsessed with communicating the right message. We care about our work immensely, how it looks, how it’s received and most importantly, how it performs. We take corporate video seriously. We pride ourselves on being inventive, creative and contemporary. We understand more than just videography. We are a company with expertise ideas and most importantly style. Continue reading “CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTION”

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BAKANTV Tips for creating effective video ads: There are several video ad formats to choose from in AdWords, and each offers unique opportunities for you to attract customers with creative messages. That’s why it’s important to know your audience and think about the best way to reach them. BAKANTV Production gives you some tips on the basic parts of any video ad: content and text. … Continue reading ADVERTISING & DIGITAL MEDIA COMMERCIALS

BAKANTV – Video/Commercial Creative Production Services

BAKANTV From broadcast ready commercials to web videos for social media, youtube, pre-roll video etc. our staff has the knowledge and experience to engage your audience. In today’s fast-paced, multi-screen digital world videos are a tremendous communication device for businesses. The use of videos are spreading rapidly. BUY (1-2) MINUTE COMMERCIAL VIDEOGRAPHY  Package includes: – 1 location product/services video – Half day (4hrs) standard location filming … Continue reading BAKANTV – Video/Commercial Creative Production Services


BAKANTV BUY (1-2) MINUTE COMMERCIAL VIDEOGRAPHY  BAKANTV offers All-Inclusive video production packages and competitive pricing. Choose leading BAKANTV Video Production Services for your business! … Simply call us for a Custom Quote or to receive our Freelance Rate Sheet with full service offering.BUY (3-4) MINUTE COMMERCIAL VIDEOGRAPHY BAKANTV@YAHOO.COM PIXIE DUST FAIRY COMMERCIAL  Continue reading BAKANTV HD