Computers are Becoming Fake Threats

Why We Don’t Trust Technology Companies Tech companies promise the world, but how do we know that we’re not the ones being sold out? Then a team of researchers discovered that when you synced your iPhone, your computer downloaded a log of your geographical movements, in a form accessible with simple commands. (Apple quickly revised its software.) When Barnes & Noble understated the weight of … Continue reading Computers are Becoming Fake Threats

Video Background

Hatred can drive us to terrorize and murder, excitement can persuade us to take extraordinary risks, fear can paralyze us, while passion can make us strive beyond imaginable limits. Our emotions motivate us in different ways, but for the sake of memories, we can group together in the positive emotions that draw us to making quality videos to remember, what we made of and who is gonna … Continue reading Video Background

Commercial Demo

BAKANTV PIXIE DUST FAIRY™ Bio-Active Nourishing Serum facial peptide looking for authorized online retailers to promote our skincare serum. PIXIE DUST FAIRY™ Bio-Active Nourishing Serum SKIN CARE created from technology developed while testing 4 formulated peptides and is based upon substantial scientific evidence of safety and efficacy. Our consumer products have evolved from a biotech lab. quality scientific line of products, which cater to universities, … Continue reading Commercial Demo