Invest 7 Income Rule

  • 7 income streams of millionaires: an open discussion of streaming income commission. Have you ever heard the statistic that millionaires have an average of seven streams of income? Let’s start by talking about making money, or, your income. 
  • There are two types of income – active and passive. Typical passive income sources are front-loaded with active work, for which you are paid a small amount, while the bulk of the income comes later. Interest and dividends are prime examples of passive income. If you’re thinking about investing in dividends and hoping to build monthly cash flow from dividends, check dividend calendars to see when payouts happen so you can structure them effectively. The sneaky non-obvious part about dividend investing is that you can build a safe portfolio that produces ever-increasing cash flows. By selecting companies that grow their dividend faster than inflation, you are building a stream of income that grows upon itself. Our goal with dividends is to create a stream of passive income that would act as solid advice to anyone planning for their financial future. Join Bioreigns, is a family of dedicated professionals. We look forward to having you with us. Dividend growths are especially attractive because it does not have to commit any more money to get greater dividends. Our compensation plan is designed for you in mind. Start with Active, Build Up Passive Business Accounts, create your account 

We’re the largest to market a CBD product opportunity exclusively in the Direct Selling Industry. Bioreigns CBD products are a multibillion-dollar industry. When consumers find a product that works for them, they tend to stick with it. After all, when you feel good, you look good! We show you the way! Our online Market Partner Academy is just one way we help you make the most of your Bioreigns business. The direct sales/social marketing model of business bypasses traditional retail channels in favor of a person-to-person focus.

We get it—starting your own business can be stressful. From stocking inventory to trying to break even your first or second year, hiring and wasting precious time, there are many pitfalls to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. These days, reaching out to others is so easy—and natural! That’s why our direct sales/social marketing model of business bypasses the retail channel of multilevel exchange information in favor of a person-to-person focus. BIOREIGNS is your partner! We do the shipping, product development, marketing, events and more. That allows you to focus on sharing BIOREIGNS with others. Our unique platform enables us to reward our Market Partners for doing what they already do: sharing the products and services that change their lives. 


As a Bioreigns Market Partner, you are in control—of how much and when to work, how to share, who to work with and more. But you’re also part of a larger team working toward the same goals.

We all succeed together. What could be more “social” than that? Whether you want to make enough money for a new house, a new car or to live the life of your dreams, Bioreigns makes it possible.

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