Bitcoin Passive Income


7 income streams of millionaires: an open discussion of streaming income commission 

Have you ever heard the statistic that millionaires have an average of  seven streams of income?

Let’s start by talking about making money, or, your income.

There are two types of income – active and passive

If you’re serious about investing in bitcoin and see yourself buying a significant amount, we recommend using Bitcoin wallets that were built with security in mind. Ledger Nano S – Ledger is a Bitcoin security company that offers a wide range of secure Bitcoin storage devices.

Bitcoin Investment, Inc. is a private investment company focused on companies in high growth areas or high growth opportunities in mature industries. We provide investment-brokerage and asset management services to private and corporate entities. 

Bitcoin Investment Inc manages assets of private individuals, pension plans, trust accounts, institutions and investment companies. The main priority of our enterprise is the maximum availability of our services to the investors of all levels.

Bitcoin Investment Inc have a long and successful history of investing across a wide range of industries and transactions, including leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations, corporate divestitures spin-offs and roll-outs. Active local development policy of Bitcoin Investment Inc is aimed at providing the clients in any part on the world’s map with the service of definite high quality to get high investment income. 

Bitcoin Investment Inc provide significant value over the life of our investments through active involvement. We provide assistance to our management teams in many areas including strategic planning, finance, marketing, recruiting, analyzing and closing acquisitions or divestitures, developing treasury strategies and assessing financial markets.

Focused Investment Criteria

The businesses

Focused Investment Criteria

The businesses Bitcoin Investment Inc acquire operate in diverse markets, but share common characteristics:

  • Market leadership
  • Unusual and hard to replicate business models 
  • Opportunities to achieve channel dominance 
  • A history of profitability 
  • High returns on sales and investment
  • Low fixed overhead 
  • Identifiable opportunities for growth 
  • Management teams interested in partnering with Bitcoin Investment Inc.
  • Revenues of $5 million and above 
  • Operating history of at least 2 years 
  • Either currently profitable or realistically within 12 months of achieving profitability 
  • A diverse customer base 
  • Proven product or service 
  • Partner with management teams to create equity value through superior strategic and operating performance
  • Situations we seek may include one or more of the following:

How to Invest

Bitcoin  is a digital currency. Just like countries use national currencies, Internet users can use digital currencies. One of these digital currency systems is Bitcoin. It is not well understood by the general population and is still considered an experimental system, but using it for simple tasks like making a single transaction is quite straightforward, as detailed below. 
There are exchangers where you can buy and sell Bitcoin.
To fund your account, you can use any payment method you prefer, including bank wires, Western Union, MoneyGram, credit card,  money order, etc. The benefits of having independent exchange companies are: you can find an exchanger that speaks your language! you can use an exchanger that is in your city or in your country! you can always find an exchanger with the funding method you prefer (bank wires, credit cards, Western Union, mailed in money orders and checks, local cash deposits, …) competition always results in a better service and lower fees!

Please check here for the detail information in case you don’t have a 
Bitcoin account.
 Invest with  Bitcoin.
1)  Download and run the Bitcoin software or get an online wallet.
2) Buy Bitcoin.  There are various methods available for buying Bitcoin. Please check Bitcoin Exchangers for a list of exchangers.
3) Open the Bitcoin software, click send Bitcoin, enter the amount you would like to send, and our Bitcoin address.


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