Video Background

Hatred can drive us to terrorize and murder, excitement can persuade us to take extraordinary risks, fear can paralyze us, while passion can make us strive beyond imaginable limits. Our emotions motivate us in different ways, but for the sake of memories, we can group together in the positive emotions that draw us to making quality videos to remember, what we made of and who is gonna complete us in the future.  time.jpg

How we understand the world depends on how we measure it. Our votes, our actions, and attitudes determinate our understanding of our consciousness. NUMBERS MATTER! We must not lose trust in them, we have to get better at interpreting and recording the mistakes and the positives. Many videos today are the best evidence for the public eye. When Misleaders use numerical truths to lie to us, we must hold them responsible. This is the importance of video making while documenting for history for healthier future.




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