iNTERNATIONAL Channel Development Center is a 21. century searching for a true vision media translated international language program to describe live scientific level opinions to understood the concept before explore it to worldwide data media. We are a streaming coding  language company with videos and pictures, audios for digital media news, advertisers, tv channels and programs to make the world more peaceful environment. Our team is build with scientists, philosophers, artists, politicians, doctors, soldiers, teachers and mostly with talented unique wiser minds to create a platform that is causing conflicts to new digital media users to understanding the messages travelling from cosmos before applying in our active time while observing carefully to translate relativity affects on future.

I thank you for Einstein giving me the most unique imagination to look life from his point of view and available to understood following my leaders to become who I AM today.

“no one dies: only death ones are got stock in the Black Holes” BurJu AKAN…..



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