Corporate video production has radically evolved over the past 10 years, and BAKANTV Production has been at the forefront of this evolution. We are constantly adding to and improving our workflow with the latest technologies to enhance our storytelling process. We have always been able to tell a story. Now add in drones, portable dollies, 4k cameras, ultra-portable lighting, image stabilizers, supercomputers, and our signature style and what do you get? An authentic corporate video that is beautiful, dynamic, informative, and entertaining.

We are the pop culture. We are sophisticated; we are obsessed with communicating the right message. We care about our work immensely, how it looks, how it’s received and most importantly, how it performs. We take corporate video seriously. We pride ourselves on being inventive, creative and contemporary. We understand more than just videography. We are a company with expertise ideas and most importantly style.images-13Our success has been built on our rock-solid reputation for producing powerful, beautiful, and engaging corporate videos. Our production experience has allowed us to produce a wide variety of unique content for audiences all around the world; we are driven by perfection. But most importantly, our work is honest, true & authentic.

We take great pride in our work and treat every video project with the same amount of respect. Our clients like to work with us because we get it.

The possibilities are endless…


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