Tips for creating effective video ads:

There are several video ad formats to choose from in AdWords, and each offers unique opportunities for you to attract customers with creative messages. That’s why it’s important to know your audience and think about the best way to reach them. BAKANTV Production gives you some tips on the basic parts of any video ad: content and text.

Engaging content is always a winner, and finding ways to drive traffic to related videos that you also own — or content on your website that’s especially relevant to your video ad — will keep viewers coming back for more.

Because there are multiple ad formats, we’ve organized our suggestions to build successful and relevant ads into the following groups:

BAKANTV Production is a powerful way to gain new customers through video content on the web, but it’s also a community-driven social media network that values meaningful content and genuine community engagement with real people and stories. For you to get the most out of  MARKETING your PRODUCT, you’ll need to create video content that builds a relationship with your customers above and beyond the traditional advertiser-customer relationship. Promoting video content that contains only advertising can actually make it harder for you to drive increased viewer engagement with your brand.

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