Producing a television commercial is as much about client relations as it is about creativity and the ability to sell a product or service to the viewer.


BAKANTV Production primary focus is to help our client achieve his or her goals, but it’s also important to build a level of trust that will ensure their return for future production.


We care about our work immensely – how it’s received, how it looks, and most importantly, how it performs. We pride ourselves on being inventive, creative and contemporary. We are a company with ideas, expertise, and most importantly, style.


Marketing is at the center of any kind of business. There is barely any business that can survive without marketing. Based on this, every business entity must strive to ensure that its marketing techniques are as sound as possible. Otherwise, the chances of success will be reduced significantly. One of the best ways to market a business is through the use of commercials.

When you look at the advertisements that see the most viral success, almost all of them have this in common: they contain well-crafted stories that make people feel something. The tone could be humorous, sad, uplifting or eye-opening, but it almost certainly contains a clear story structure.

This is a fairly recent trend that is the result of a marketing evolution that’s taken place over the past decade or two. Here are three major reasons why storytelling is so important in your video marketing efforts:

  • Stories help people better relate to your business. This isn’t really a new development; since people have been able to communicate, storytelling has been an important part of how we relate to each other. By shrinking stories down into 30- or 60-second windows in advertising, you can better captivate a person’s attention and get them invested in your brand.
  • Storytelling is more subtle. Sure, the point of a commercial is to sell something, but people don’t like being given sales pitches. Commercials crafted in the style of a story allow people to read between the lines and pick up the message themselves without having it hammered into them by repeated sales pitches. This is much more effective, as it feels like the viewer is sharing an experience with your brand, rather than being pushed into buying something by a salesperson.
  • “Show, don’t tell.” This is one of the biggest rules of writing and advertising. You can tell people how great your company and products are as much as you want, but it’s always going to be more effective to show the benefits of your brand and what it does for people. This ties in with the greater subtlety that comes with storytelling in advertisements.

At BAKANTV Production we specialize in crafting unique, creative visual stories for all of our clients in a wide variety of industries. What is the story that you want to tell your brand? Contact us today and let us help you make your story heard…

BAKANTV offers All-Inclusive video production packages and competitive pricing. Choose leading BAKANTV Video Production Services for your business! … Simply call us for a Custom Quote or to receive our Freelance Rate Sheet with full service offering.



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